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7 Steps To Sell Online Courses & Build a Big Brand

Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses: Become a Knowledge giver and make a fortune

Are you a speaker, teacher or knowledge giver? Online knowledge business is the most promising business opportunity of 2021. You can create your online course and be a part of the 23 billion dollars online knowledge business industry. Follow my previous blog on creating profitable courses “How to create and sell online courses in 60 days” If you are reading this blog you must have already created your online course on your selected micro niche. If you are confused and need clarity on selecting your niche visit my blog 25 most Profitable Coaching Niches to make you rich”. 

You have created a masterpiece but now it’s time to show it to the world. If your customers don’t find and come to know about your course they will not buy it. 

In this blog I have crafted 7 steps that will help you to market your product and start making profits from your online course. 

Step 1: Create Customer Avatar

Your customer persona or the customer avatar lays the foundation of the marketing efforts you are going to put in. To narrow down your ideal customer you need to get answers to 

  • Where do your customers hangout?
  • What are they searching online?
  • How can you get in front of your customer?

To craft the perfect customer persona is the key to success. In this process you can consider the following parameters.

  • Demographics: Age, gender, marital status, income and location.
  • Work details: Self-employed or job, kind of job.
  • Personal Profile: Physical, mental status.
  • Pain points: Challenges they are facing
  • Goals: What they want to achieve
  • Interests & Hobbies: What they love to do
Sell Online Courses

A combination of the above parameters helps you to design your Customer Avatar. Your marketing efforts and advertising cost to get new customers will reduce if you know your ideal customer. For example, I am selling a course in the health niche “Yoga for Pregnant Women Masterclass”. 

My customer avatar would look something like this-

  1. Demographics: Age – 24 to 42 years, Gender – Female, Married, Location – India
  2. Work Details:  Not applicable
  3. Personal Profile: Women Pregnant 
  4. Pain Points: No able to exercise and fear of caesar operation
  5. Goals: Achieve normal and healthy delivery
  6. Interests and Hobbies: Health & Healthy Food.

After this exercise you have a clear vision whom to pitch your product to. To Sell Online Courses your customer selection removes initial hurdles.

Step 2: Price your Course

To Sell Online Courses effectively your course price plays a major role. Pricing your course is a difficult task. You need to research your competitors and the market trends before finalizing the price. It will also depend on how much value your course provides and what kind of results you are promising. People don’t buy courses, they buy the outcome they are going to get from the course. 

Most of the information is available for free online still people love to buy courses. Your online course is the narrative of your experience, years of learning and knowledge. Few points which you should consider while pricing your courses.

  1. Course Duration: Number of hours your course run for and the efforts you have put in
  2. Value it provides: Transformational value it provides. Amount of improvement small or large one should expect from the course.
  3. Competition: Are your customers comparing the course with someone who is offering similar content. Where do you stand in the competition?
  4. Brand Value and authority: Your personal brand value in the market and your authority about the subject can highly influence your pricing.

You can have two pricing models one is one time payment and another is the monthly payment where you charge a small amount monthly for the course content.

My suggestion is to have a value ladder for your courses. You increase the price of the courses at each step by increasing the value and services you offer. Your future customers enter into your world through lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of content or product that you provide to your prospects for their email address in return. In other words you trade your content for their contact details. We will see list building in the later part of this blog. The value ladder is divided into 3 parts.

Level 1 Course: It establishes the problem your customers are facing and what solutions are there to solve the problem. This course can range from $50 to $200.

Level 2 Course: This course shows your customers how you will solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. It is also called the “Done with you” course where they follow you step by step. It can range from $250 to $1000

Level 3 Course: This will be your top most offering where you will show your customers how to solve their problems and provide dedicated support at each step. This is also called the “Done for you” course. You may have a team who could help them to get things done. This can range between $1000 to $5000

To make your offer irresistible try to add high value bonuses. Your offer price should be 1/10 of the total value of your offerings. Offer a money-back guarantee to build trust and confidence.

Step 3: Brand Building

Your product i.e your course revolves around your Personal Brand. Your brand begins with your Brand Vision, Brand Mission and your Brand Message. Who you are and what you stand for defines your brand. Elements of your personal brand are

  1. Personal Website: Your first impression is very critical in your business. Your website should reflect who you are and how you can help your students. Your website will be a traffic gateway for search engines. A strong and attractive website should include the following
    1. A good attractive logo with a tagline
    2. Your personal professional photography
    3. Value proposition
    4. Your story How you earned it
    5. Social Proof and testimonials
    6. Call to Action
    7. Free Content i.e Blogs, PDF’s
    8. Contact Details
  2. Content Strategy: Content is the king! Creating and sharing relevant and valuable content in your niche helps increase your following and authority in the market. Your content can be a good source of generating organic leads for your business. To win this game, be consistent on your content creation strategy. You can select from following content types
    1. Blog Articles
    2. Infographics
    3. Videos
    4. PDF guides
    5. eBooks or paper books
    6. Podcasts
    7. Case Studies
    8. Answer Questions
    9. Social Media Posting
    10. Guest interviews
    11. Public speaking
    12. Webinars
    13. Partnership and joint ventures

Pick a combination of the above in which you are most comfortable. Content marketing is a long term game, it can pay high dividends if played correctly.

  1. Build a Community: Your community or your tribe is the place where your students can interact, share ideas and support each other. This can be achieved through Facebook Groups or Membership sites.

“A strong personal brand is one that has a high level of impact, which then leads to influence amongst the people who follow you. The key is to leverage social media and other social platforms and environments to create relevant and meaningful dialogues between you and the people you want to impact.” 

– Mark Lack, CEO, Shorten The Gap

Step 4: Build your Email List

Email marketing remains amongst the most preferred marketing channels. 

What is an email List?

An email list is a collection of email addresses that you have collected through subscription to your blog, website, newsletter or collected through pop ups, landing pages, in person. Your email list is your property and they are your followers. 

“The Money is in the list”

The Main aim of building an email list is to increase your followers. Once they come into your list you start your nurturing sequence by providing valuable content. At the end once they are convinced with your offering they will definitely buy from you.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average expected return is $40. 

How do I create an email list for an online course?

Building an email list is not a one day process. There are hundreds of methods to build email list few of the tips are listed below

  1. Free Content: Make your free content valuable enough so that your prospects sign up for the same and come into your email list.
  2. Lead Magnet: Offer free content like ebook, subscription, templates or Pdf. If your customer sees value in your lead magnet they don’t mind signing up for it.
  3. Social media Groups: Post your content in groups to get backlink to your blogs then grow your email list
  4. Contest : Run contests and give attractive prizes like books, tools, tech gadgets to attract an audience.

Step 5: Paid Advertising

The best option to get customers fast is through paid advertising. Through paid ads you can target your ads to your ideal customers helping you to generate more leads. The best platforms to explore are

  1. Facebook: It is the biggest and the most popular social network with 1.785 billion people active daily on the network. Facebook ads to sell online courses is listed as the best platform as per research. You can get good filtered traffic to your course.
  2. Google Ads: As being the biggest search engine ranking your course for good keywords can help you drive traffic to your website.
  3. Instagram: It is famous with a young crowd and is a good platform to monetize.
  4. Youtube: It is the world’s second-largest search engine. You can create your own channel to promote your courses. Once you create content for youtube it will generate traffic for life.
  5. LinkedIn: This platform famous in business circles and it can prove to be a perfect platform if you are selling B2B courses. 

Some other platforms like Quora, Reddit can also be considered.

Step 6: Webinar Selling Formula

Webinar selling is the most effective way to sell your medium or high ticket courses. There are two types of webinars: Live webinars and Automated webinars. My advice is to go for an automated webinar after around 100 live webinars. A perfect webinar flow establishes trust, highlights your expertise and caters to all the objections your audience have. Your webinar should not be more than 70 minutes long. The suggested flow of the webinar is as follows

  • Introduction (5-7 minutes)
  • Informative content (15-20 minutes)
  • Break down objections (10 minutes)
  • Coarse Pitch (15-20 minutes)
  • Closing (15 minutes)
  • Q & A session (10 Min)

Step 7: Good referrals 

Your happy students are your best referrals. If they get results through your course they will definitely promote you. Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. Feedback and testimonials received from your students can attract more students into your community.

How can I make money selling online courses?

You can start with providing valuable content free. Once they are convinced that you can solve their problems they will pay you. You can create your own course selling website or host your course on Udemy, Skillshare many more.

How do free webinars make money?

In your webinar you highlight the problem your probable customers are facing. Build trust and explain how your course can solve their problems. By the end of the webinar you give them an irresistible offer and sell your course to them. 

How much do online courses sell for?

A good online problem solving course can sell in the range of $200 to $999.

How to grow an online coaching business?

Organising Challenges and Summits can help you grow your online coaching business exponentially.

Final Thoughts:

Success of any online course depends on the content and the result it offers. Your marketing and promotion starts once you have crafted the best content. The above tips will help you establish your brand in the online world and make a difference in others’ lives. 

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